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About A

Out of Line was created out of the realization that there was a need for a high quality jersey clothing option for women. One made from primarily natural fibers, designed to wash and wear and to fit and flatter. Garments with modern lines and unexpected design elements.

I have been working with jersey fabric for 20+ years, I use industrial machines that give the seams a very finished clean look. I am very particular about fabrics, I’ve found that my favorite jersey is a cotton spandex blend 94% cotton 6% lycra. Most of my fabrics will be primarily natural fiber with the remaining content a stretch element.

The cutting and sewing is done here in my studio, piece by piece, made to order. I also contract sewing within my community to help with some styles. I consider this process “slow fashion”, along the lines of the slow food movement. These garments are made with care, to wear and wear…

Out of Line was started in 2000, while I was a single mom to my then 5 year old. I have truly raised both my daughter and this line together and have calmed myself many times with the words “baby steps”. Thanks to everyone who has supported Out of Line over the years- at markets, through boutiques, and online!
xo, Beki