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Designer Story
Beki Wilson

Hi, I’m Beki, owner and designer of Out of Line. I’ve been working on/in this business for 23 years, so my story is long. My motivation came from necessity, I needed a way to support myself and my daughter as a single mom, but there are many ways to do that. My story is really one of love for my daughter and love for my craft. I wanted to lift us up from where we were. I wanted to be an example to my daughter of how to live a good life even with very little. It matters to me how I spend my time and it matters to me to be surrounded by art and living a creative life.

I learned to sew at a young age, taught by my mom who was taught by her mom. My Grandma Becky, my namesake, was a fiber artist and weaver. She displayed her work on her walls, as upholstery on her furniture, and sewn into clothing. I had a great example of a true passion for craft and how it can uplift and add to a life, making it magical, meaningful, and beautiful. After learning to sew I quickly started making my own patterns and clothing.

I started Out of Line in 2000. I was a single mom to my then five year old daughter. We lived in low income housing and I was waitressing. Sewing was still something I enjoyed, I was making clothing for myself and my daughter, so I started selling at a weekend market. I kept this up until I was able to quit waitressing and devote myself full time to the business. To further my skills I attended fashion school and received a degree in garment construction.

My designs originally were born from a need to set myself apart. At the time I was wearing a lot of vintage and some of my signature pieces are inspired by those with more modern details and clean, classic lines. I still hold memories of pieces my Mom wore when I was a child and favorite pieces I had as a child. These inform my aesthetic today. This process grew organically through the years into the unique voice I have today. One of the best compliments I’ve received came from a woman in my market booth, “I love the way your mind works.” I felt so seen and that’s how I feel with my customers today. They appreciate the process, the work, and the final product.

These days my daughter is living her own creative life. She’s a poet and in graduate school for urban planning, bringing forward her passion for community and art. I still have a lot to say through Out of Line. I have ideas I’m excited about and I’m working to make them a reality. It’s such a process and such a journey.

A one day at a time, enjoy the process, baby steps type of journey.